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Service in online casinos

Service in online casinos
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A casino is an excellent place to let your money grow, but it also requires a particular provider’s flexibility. Today, everything must go very fast, and this also applies to all processes in an online casino. So many providers have long understood that excellent service pays off in the long run. Even if today a lot of information can be found in the popular FAQs, it is still necessary from time to time to make direct contact with the provider. There is not only the choice to pick up the phone to speak directly to an advisor. Alternative methods such as live chat have long been standard in the industry. But how to use which of these methods and what makes excellent service. We will explore these questions a little more intensively here. You can find all the other information by clicking here.

Phone Support

For many players, the direct route is also the most popular. After all, after a waiting period, you get a real person on the phone and then tell the person precisely what questions you have. That’s all right in theory, but unfortunately, it looks a bit different in practice. Thus, many online casinos often have a line around the clock switched, but these connections are usually not in the UK. Therefore, one should take a close look at this information before the call if one does not want to risk a high phone bill.

Furthermore, unfortunately, not all language groups can be served by the support in the same way. So during our tests, we often had the situation that we quickly got out of the queue. Although the providers are upgrading a lot in this respect and other language groups are also better covered. Still, you should check these points more carefully before choosing the online casino.

Live Chat

For several years now, this type of customer service has been prevalent. So you can find the direct link to the chat on the respective page of the online casino, and with a few clicks, you can quickly enter the conversation. At the other end there is an adviser and to this one can explain then everything in rest. If it should be necessary, one can also exchange files directly in the chat. Since many online casinos often need proofs of their players in the form of documents, this function is very welcome. The problem is, unfortunately, only that these chats, on the one hand, are often very heavily overloaded and, on the other hand, are not always online. So if you should have a question on a game evening, you can, unfortunately, find yourself standing in front of closed doors. You should, therefore, find out about the exact service times of a chat beforehand.


The mail method is still prevalent, and this is mainly because, as a player, you can describe in great detail what it’s all about. Then you can attach all the files you might need and send the mail. The distinct disadvantage is the expected processing time, and so it can take several days until you, as a player, get an answer. This method’s advantage is that you don’t have to pay attention to any opening hours, but when you want to send these requests. So if you don’t have a problem with the waiting time, this way of communication is worth a recommendation in any case. - Co-Founder. Professional online casino reviewer, blogger.