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PayPal deposit in the best online casinos in the UK 2020

Best online casinos for PAYPAL
Best online casinos for PAYPAL

If you are reading this article, probably you were looking for information about which UK online casino is the best with PayPal deposit and withdrawal options. It is a common and well-known fact that PayPal is the leading e-wallet company; usually, we can see it alongside such a big platform as eBay. This partnership and union stand for the most secure payments on this planet.

But let’s jump to our main topic – PayPal casinos in the UK. Probably, you will not find many of there nowadays because the PayPal payment system works only with the most trusted and reliable partners in the gambling niche. On our website, we gathered a list of those online casinos which accept PayPal, so take a seat and feel comfortable while looking at our most rated casinos.

From the beginning of its creation, PayPal was designed as a solution for trusted and secure e-payments. Its main goal was to protect customers from fraud. PayPal system also takes all risks for sellers in case of their loss. Speaking about UK gambling and this money transaction platform, PayPal is represented only in absolute reliable casino websites, so if any gambling platform has this payment system – you can be one hundred percent sure about its seriousness.

Why should I use PayPal in online casinos in the UK?

The idea of the PayPal payment system can be easily explained by the numbers of its clients – over 192 million active users have already registered and tried to make a payment once a life. And imagine how much more people are using it in their everyday life. That is impressive.

How does it work?

PayPal is an online payment system or so-called e-wallet, virtual wallet, that can be connected to your bank accounts and credit cards. This is the main reason why you can make such fast transactions within this payment system. All you need is the Internet; no more information is required. By the way, when you are making money transactions within PayPal, your receiving partner will not get any of your personal information except the name and avatar of your profile, if you have one. So why does it take seconds to finish payment? The answer is simple, PayPal is paying in advance from their wallets, some pre-booking.

PayPal in the EU is licensed as an ordinary bank. It is also listed on the worldwide stock exchange. So any money transactions in your account is secured by the government.

In the case of online casinos, Paypal is particularly popular because it is so fast. Moreover, your house bank does not know what you do with your money. Finally, not everyone feels comfortable if the bank advisor knows that you regularly operate online gambling. By playing in a Paypal casino, you avoid this. And thus also exclude negative influences or embarrassing questions when granting a loan.

Deposits in the UK Paypal Casino

You can deposit with Paypal in a safe, fast, and secure way in UK Paypal Casinos online. Paypal only forwards your e-mail address to the seller when making payments. Sensitive data such as your bank or credit card information is, therefore, completely safe in your Paypal account.

If you want to pay in a Paypal Casino in the UK, choose the method Paypal. Log in to your Paypal account during the payment process and make the payment. It does not matter whether you have previously loaded your Paypal account with a credit or not. Paypal makes prepayment to the payee for you.

The amount will then be debited from your bank account within about three days. Payments are thus carried out within seconds because the online casino in the UK receives the payment amount immediately. If you use a credit card, Paypal will debit the amount from your card within a few minutes.

Deposits with Paypal are encrypted with SSL technology. This prevents your Paypal user ID or other data from the transaction from falling into the wrong hands.

Why only reputable online casinos offer Paypal

That only serious online casinos can offer Paypal is no coincidence because Paypal is since everyone is concerned about the integrity of its brand. So you can not provide this payment option in many fields. Most industries that take care of adult needs belong to this. Among them are erotic offers and alcohol. Also, gambling belongs here, by the way. However, the Paypal payment method makes exceptions.

But only if by offering Paypal payments in the online casino in no way a disadvantage for the brand of Paypal can arise. This is, of course, only with the most reliable and established online casinos in the UK. Paypal payment method, therefore, subjects all gambling sites that want to make payments via Paypal to a strict review. Only if this turns out positively, the online gaming providers may offer Paypal at all. Therefore, if you see the Paypal logo with a UK online casino website, you can assume that a very intensive examination has taken place. And that it concerns a serious online casino.

Online casinos with Paypal payments

Likewise, you can use Paypal to withdraw your online casino credit to your Paypal account in a few minutes. Depending on how long it takes the casino to confirm your withdrawal, this process can take from a few minutes to a few hours. As soon as the respective UK Paypal casino gives the green light, the money will be booked and available on your Paypal account immediately afterward.

Fees at PayPal Casinos

Paypal charges a small fee for receiving payments. If you receive an amount in a currency other than the money in your Paypal account, Paypal will convert the amount, taking into account the daily exchange rate.

There will be a fee, depending on the currency. Frequently, however, these fees are paid by Paypal Casino. Thus, the payout for you as a player in the online casino is usually free.

To have the amount paid out from your Paypal account to your bank account, a processing time of 2-4 working days may occur, but in the UK alone, there are also numerous websites where you can buy and pay with Paypal. So you can also leave the money as a credit on your Paypal account and use it for your next purchase. It is and remains real money, even if you do not hold it in your hands. The payouts to your bank account are free of charge with Paypal.

Online Casino in the UK. Payouts with Paypal

Pay-outs with Paypal are processed by the gambling website within 1-2 days at many Paypal casinos, provided that you have used the same method previously for a deposit.

Once the withdrawal has been processed, you will have the amount in your Paypal account. As mentioned above, it may take another 2-4 business days for the money to be transferred from your Paypal account to your bank account. But you don’t have to do this, because you can keep the money on your Paypal account without any problems. So you can buy online services in different shops and pay via Paypal.

The best Paypal Casino for your favorite games

What is the best gambling site that accepts Paypal as a payment method?

CASINOTOPRATINGS.CO.UK tests daily countless different online casinos. Including those that accept Paypal as a payment option. Here we pay attention to all factors, for example, the game choice, the licensing and seriousness of the UK online casino, and of course, whether Paypal can be used for the first deposit. In addition to our Paypal casino list above, we have listed the best Paypal casinos by game providers.

What to pay attention to Paypal Casinos?

To find a casino that accepts PayPal in the UK, and is it reliable and offers good games, it is relatively easy if you refer to the list of Paypal Casinos at our website. After all, all gaming sites that have been checked by Mike Higgins and his team are reputable and allow you to play with a clear conscience.

What you may also mention is that online casinos that offer games from the have already gone through another level of security. Because not all online casinos come to the pleasure of offering Paypal as a payment method, if a gaming website wants to offer Paypal, this casino must first go through a detailed test. This is called Due Diligence. The specialists of the Paypal payment system evaluate thereby the risk of the online casino, and based on this examination; it is then decided whether Paypal may be offered or not.

So if you decide for or against a Paypal casino, you know that this casino has not only gone through the standard steps of the licensing authorities. But also that it has been thoroughly checked by UK Paypal service and found to be reputable and secure.

Caution with Paypal Spam

Since Paypal is so popular with millions of people, some scammers take advantage of this popularity. Frequently, one receives so-called phishing e-mails that pretend to come from Paypal. There they act like your Paypal account has been blocked, and they would ask you to log in.

If you follow this request and click on the link in the e-mail, you will be redirected to a website that pretends to be Paypal and looks something like this. In reality, however, you are on a website created by the fraudsters themselves.

If you enter your password and your e-mail address, you will pass it directly to the fraudsters. Not only can your data be stolen, but transactions can also be carried out without your permission under certain circumstances.

Such e-mails are relatively easy to recognize. Because real e-mails from Paypal always start with the phrase: “Good day” followed by your first and last name.

But what is highly recommended: never follow a link in such e-mails. Not even if they look legitimate. Instead, you can log in directly to your Paypal account. There you can see immediately if your account is restricted.

So if you receive an e-mail stating that your Paypal account has been suspended, close it again. Then open a new browser window, independent of the e-mail, and go to the Paypal website. Then log in here with your user data. If you do not receive a message within your Paypal account indicating that your account has been restricted, the e-mail is phishing. By the way, you can forward it at any time to

Paypal is continually working to put a stop to such fraudsters, e.g., by trying to remove the fraudulent site from the net or by informing the browser’s security measures.

Which online casino accept PayPal?

All casinos listed in our TOP 5 online casinos in the UK accept PayPal. We chose every gambling site very carefully and keeping our list up to date.

How to use PayPal for online casino?

All you need is to sign up as a new player (we recommend 888 Casino, they have no fees and fastest payouts, you can read 888 Casino review here), or login into your existing account. Then go to Deposit section, and choose PayPal as your payment option. Than follow easy instructions provided by PayPal.

How to play casino with PayPal?

Go to your Pay Pal account, and make sure that you have enough funds on it. Or you can use the direct transfer option. Then visit your online casino account and go to the Payment Methods (sometimes it called Cashier or Bank, Deposit) section and choose PayPal as a primary method.

Casinos where you can pay with PayPal?

Here at CASINOTOPRATINGS.CO.UK, we provided our list of casinos where you can pay with PayPal with no problems. Besides, you can check each detailed review.

How to open PayPal account for gambling in online casinos?


Is PayPal safe for online casinos?

Yes, of course! PayPal is a well-known payment method for its safety. It is one of the fastest and most secure options for making deposits and withdrawals in online casinos. You can read more facts and information about PayPal in online casinos here.

How to withdrawal PayPal in online casinos?


What is the best online casino in the UK for PayPal?

There are two online casinos in the UK which are the best in 2020. It is 888 Casino and WilliamHill Casino. You can read our detailed reviews about them by following these articles:
Detailed review about 888 Casino
William Hill Casino. Detailed overview
These UK online casinos were chosen several times at big gambling forums as the best casinos for 2020.

Can I play in online casino with PayPal?

Yes, of course! PayPal is one of the most legit payment methods in trusted online casinos. To play in online casino with PayPal, you will:
1. Sign Up or Login into existing account in online casino
2. Go to your Cashier and choose PayPal as a preferred payment method
3. Make a deposit by following easy instructions
4. Play in an online casino with PayPal!
You can read the full guide here!

How to deposit in PayPal casinos?

Visit the Cashier section in your online casino account. Then choose the PayPal method from the presented list of payment options for a deposit. Choose your preferred currency and enter your deposit amount. And then follow a few easy steps to authorize your payment in an online casino. - Co-Founder. Professional online casino reviewer, blogger.